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Q. Who can use MYST Labs products?

A.MYST Labs products are for adult smokers only. We strictly forbid youth under legal age to purchase or use our products.
We neither encourage nor recommend non-nicotine-users trying for any reason.

Q. Is vaping addictive?

A.Yes. MYST Labs e-liquids contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. We put a prominent notice on our packaging box,
"This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical."

Q. Are MYST Labs products tested to international standards?

A.Yes. Our products are tested to comply with all relevant battery and electrical safety standards,
and have been verified by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Federal Communications Commission (FCC),
The Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), Conformitè Europëenne (RoHS), and The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Q. Are the batteries in MYST Labs devices safe?

A.Our products meet all international and national safety requirements. To avoid any failure to your product,
It’s recommended to use and charge your device with the charging cable provided.

Q. Are MYST Labs devices waterproof?

A.All MYST Labs devices are not waterproof.

Q. Can I travel abroad with MYST Labs devices?

A.We advise you to check with the transportation policies before travelling.
It is also crucial to check the countries’ laws and regulations regarding electronic cigarettes.

Q. Are pods from different product lines universal to each other?

A. Yes, all Pods can be applied to only Mystlabs’ device.

Q. Why the nicotine technology of MYST Labs is special?

A.We have our own laboratory in California. Our chief scientist, Dr. Chenyue Xing, developed our unique nicotine technology,
Nicotine X Plus, which ensures vaping experience while reducing nicotine content. Nicotine Y,
presenting the real taste of tobacco, will be used in our products in the upcoming products.

Q. How does Nicotine X Plus deliver a satisfying vaping experience?

A.Nicotine X Plus reduces organic acids and nicotine, while adding tobacco-flavoring ingredients. Moreover,
our vaporization technology revives the unique flavor of classic tobacco meanwhile provides a multi-gradient throat hit.

Q. How can I quit smoking with MYST Labs?

A.Nicotine X Plus technology enables MYST Labs products to provide satisfying yet not addictive alternatives for smokers.
You can see Quit With MYST Labs and take the quitting challenge. Besides, the nicotine strength of our products varies from 3% to 0,
so you can continue to reduce nicotine consumption after quitting.

Q. Can I get help when quitting with MYST Labs?

A.Yes, you are more than welcome. We are happy to provide you useful suggestions or encourage you during the program.
All for the final goal --- quitting!

Q. How can I contact MYST Labs if needed?

A.You can contact us via e-mail at or send us messages through our Contact Form.

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About our Warranty

We provide warranty on all MYST Labs products to guarantee your satisfying vaping experience. We appreciate that you trust and support our products.

Q. How long does the Warranty last?

Product Item Warranty Period
Mystlabs Cartridge Pod 6 months
Mystlabs device M1/M1 pro/ T1/ T2 12 months

Q. How do you make a Warranty claim?

A.If you want to make a claim under our Warranty or have any questions, you can contact us by :
a) reaching us at our official email address:
b) sending us messages through our Contact Form.

Please make sure you have the following information in hand when making a claim, for you will be asked to :
1) describe the issue with your device or charger.
2) give order number or invoice.
3) provide the product batch or serial number.

Q. What will we do once we receive your claim and detailed information?

A.If the product is diagnosed as faulty, we will replace it if repair is not a viable option.
We may ask you to return the defective product to us for investigation.
We reserve the right to determine whether the condition applies to our Warranty.

Q. What is covered by our Warranty?

A.Our Warranty covers all MYST Labs products within the warranty period. So if your device or accessory stops working properly,
we will replace or repair it free of charge. Besides, you also have any additional rights under consumer law.
To be covered by our Warranty, your device must be within the applicable warranty period.

Q. What is not covered by our Warranty?

A.It is important to note that our warranty is not an unconditional guarantee for the duration of the warranty.
We will not be liable for any products that passed the warrenty or be damaged in transit. Also, the warranty does not apply to
any usage not in accordance with product specifications and instructions including but not limited to:
a) Misuse of your product in accordance with the user instructions.
b) unauthorized repairs or other modifications.
c) improper charging of your device.



Shipping Areas

MYST Labs abide by the laws and regulations of nicotine products. Therefore,
we have a limitation on shipping areas due to local restrictions.

For the following Countries/Areas, Door-to-door Shipping is available.

Parcel Tracking

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Q. When will you receive your tracking number?

A.You will receive a shipping notification after your order submission.
Please check your email and text messages to get your tracking number,
Please use this number to search for shipping details.

Q. Why is the update of your tracking number sometimes delayed?

A.Once you place your order, we first receive your information and then put products you have ordered together in full items.
After that, the shipping company will get your package, and then generate your tracking number.
There are a couple of steps before you receive the tracking number, so sometimes it can be delayed one day or two.
If you are unable to receive the number for days, you can ask us for help via or contact shipping carrier directly.

Q.Why you cannot track your order with the tracking number?

A.It can be caused for the following reasons :
a)The delivery carrier has not yet received your package.
b)The delivery carrier has not submitted or updated your tracking information.
c)The tracking number you submitted is incorrect or invalid.
If you are unable to locate the shipment for days, you can ask us for help via or contact shipping carrier directly.

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